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FPR Double-Braid Tow Rope

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Our double-braid tow ropes are an economical option compared to HMPE High Performance lines. Not as light as our Panther, Cortland, or Swift-Line ropes, these Double-Braid ropes are still much safer and lighter than chains or steel cables.
  • Available from 20,000 lbs to 200,000 lbs breaking strength
  • Available in 20' and 30' lengths (custom lengths on request)
  • Ropes are constructed from a unique, high tenacity, cordage-finish polyester 
  • Offers low stretch, high strength, and excellent wear life and dielectric strength
  • Each tow rope is tagged with rope size and breaking strength
  • Uses include agriculture, construction, land fills, utilities, and sportsman


3/4"-     MBS: 20,000 lbs    UTV's and Small Trucks
1"-        MBS: 44,000 lbs    Small to Medium Trucks
1-1/4"- MBS: 57,000 lbs    1 Ton Trucks and Small Tractors
1-1/2"- MBS: 90,0000 lbs  Heavy Trucks and Medium Tractors
2-1/4"- MBS: 150,000 lbs  Dump Trucks and Large Tractors
2-5/8"- MBS: 200,000 lbs  Heavy Machinery, Combines, Choppers, 600 HP Tractors