Slingshot Rope Sizing Chart

     Diameter & Rating (MTS)                            Equipment Match to Rope Diameter
        3/4”      (19,000 lbs)                      Smaller ATVs, UTVs, lawn lowers, small garden tractors
        7/8’       (28,600 lbs)                      UTVs, side by sides, yard tractors, sand rails, 2 door Jeeps
        1”         (35,000 lbs)                      Rock crawlers, 4 door Jeeps, SUVs, 1-ton pickup trucks and smaller
        1-1/4"   (52,000 lbs)                      Service trucks, utility line pickups 1 ton and 2 ton chassis, skidsteers
        1-1/2”   (74,000 lbs)                      Utility service trucks, bucket trucks, OTR semis 
        2”         (131,000 lbs)                    Straight trucks up to 24’ beds, farm trucks, smaller tractors
        2-1/4”  (160,000 lbs)                     Mid-sized farm machinery, tractors, semis, harvesters
        2-1/2”  (201,000 lbs)                     Combines, tracked tractors, bulldozers, excavators, mining, landfills


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